Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Day 2013!

Scarfs from Dad (Central Asia) and new iPods from Number One!

Husband received gifts of foodstuff

Santa brought me a new computer chair!

New Science Fiction 

Showing new friends to Number Two via Skype

The Ukulele was the one gift I asked for

I learned to play it in 12 minutes!

Dr Who Book!
The early morning Nativity in the appropriate geographical landscape

Stocking gifts!

Number Seven created and made these for each stocking

Grandma's gift

Grandma donated Farm Animals and mosquito nets in name of her grandchildren

Embroidered bookmarks by Number Six

I'm a Settler

For my dorm room

Nina said this is a good film!

Cute Dutch wrapping for our Dutch Christmas

Did we mention Dutch theme!?

Wow thanks Big Bro!

We've been looking for Big Boggle for years!!!

A new ear wrap, and acrylic paints!

More shopping in Portugal by Number One.  Looove it!

Did we say Dutch theme?


Love it!

You already took a picture, Mom!

Happy Socks is the latest fashion

Number One did some super-nice shopping in Portugal this past fall

Portugal gifts! Sooo cute!

Thanks Aunt Mary!

My gifts... Thanks for the calendar Tia Tete!!

Shirt, sweater, scarf, and now mittens!

A new laptop!

Dr. Who!

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