Friday, January 24, 2014

A Day to Rejoice

My youngest sister Marta arrives in her new home today, the Abbey of Saint Walburga in Eichstatt, Germany. In the heart of beautiful Catholic Germany, the Abbey attracts visitors year round, attracted either by its exterior, or more importantly, interior life of beauty. She enters with no fanfare or ceremony, so I doubt I will have photos, and yet I hope I will. 

Saint Walburga's story is well-documented and wonderful, and her holy relics are kept in the Abbey. The abbey has been a religious house continuously for 1000 years! We are planning a visit this summer!

Please join us in prayers of Thanksgiving!

Marta at one of her recent books signings in Brazil.

The beautiful Abbey of St Walburga.


The gorgeous abbey church interior. To think that she will be there everyday.

Saint Walburga, medieval saint, born in England, princess and Abbess, whose relics are in the abbey.
Our own little paper saint, reminding us of my sister's joy!


Christine said...

May God bless your sister!

Deb Placek said...

deb placek said...
Is she going to teach or is she joining the religious order

Ana Braga-Henebry said...

Thanks, Christine! Deb, she is entering as a postulant! They do however have both a school and college so she will plly end up teaching again!

Nichole @ Yackity Shmackity said...

Congrats to your sister and may God bless her!
Do you have a template for that paper saint? It's lovely and I would love to do that as a project with the kiddos. :)