Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Antique-store treasure

Brookings has a number fo excellent antique stores. The type you can lost ion for half a day! Number Six and I found a couple of soft-boiled egg cups for $3 each, and the a few other things. Then I found this: an exact replica of my own Nativity Set, given to me by my Brazilian aunt, and probably bought in Europe when she was there in the 1950s. This one said "Germany, papier mache" and the figurines are exactly the same, but a lot larger! On of the three kings has a broken face, and the donkey is missing ears... and I got two mangers and Christ Child figurines. I'm keeping in its box until we have a house... in the meantime I am looking for for more  sources into its origin and how to fix them.  Compare to my existent set here.

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