Sunday, February 23, 2014

Homelessness Update

Husband took Number Six and moi to the local Home Show yesterday, where we were entertained by an incredibly high number of booths, from local banks to pots & pans sellers, to every local small service provider (plumbing, realtors, sprinklers, floors, etc) in the region, all eagerly giving away pieces of candy.

As we were leaving, we bumped into a nice, non-assuming booth, with a friendly Rep and his daughter, who turned out to be the oldest of his six children. His booth had information on a type of alternative home construction from a town one hour north of here. We had heard before about their innovative, alternative, super energy-efficient construction a while back from our good friend Mike, and had even looked into it, but now it was nice to see the very man who builds them in town. We had a nice conversation and will meet with him this week. He gave us the homework of beginning a file with all of our ideas of what we'd like in a home. Husband and I will see how much house we get under our price point... which I am sure isn't much, but the thought that it would be "just right" is very nice.

Interested? See their site here, and enjoy the pics of homes they built, below. In the meantime, we plug along with our novena to St. Joseph. Who best to help us, but the heavenly friend who had to find a home for the Holy Family, and was a carpenter to boot?

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