Monday, March 24, 2014

Brazil photos 1: the wake

I finally was able to transfer the photos I took in Brazil to the desktop, but iCloud somehow shuffled them with no rhyme or reason. I will post them little by little.

These were taken at the wake, which took place on the evening after my dear father's passing. There we greeted many family members as they arrived , many driving more than 10 hours. There also the parish priest prayed the prayers for the Recommendation of the Departing Soul to God, and there we recited a family Rosary and sung the Salve Regina and Ave Maria in Latin.

Our two dearest aunts: the first, my father's sister Teresa ("tia Isca"), the second, my mother's sister Lygia, talking to oldest brother Pedro.

We all love this photo.

Niece Julia, sister in law Camila, her son Gabriel, my sister Nena'.

My aunt Teresa's grandchildren sang the Ave Maria chant.
Pedro and Joao, my oldest brothers.

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