Monday, March 31, 2014

Brazil photos 7: last day, photo-journal of early morning walk for mass

It's not quite 6 AM. I am leaving the building.

Crossing a busy street down from our street.

Climbing up the ladeira, an uphill side residential street.

Admiring beautiful properties, fences, gates.

And flowers. There is bougainvillea all over Brazil.

Nice color!

The Catholic church/school takes an entire block

The sun is rising as I keep climbing up

Up the church's many stairs

Almost there. The church/school is called Saint Marcelina, a religious order founded by Blessed Luis Biraghi that runs several K-12 schools, colleges and medical clinics in Brazil.

The angels welcome me to the 6:15 AM morning mass

Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi, miserere nobis

The nuns sounded like angels as they sang the office and mass. I counted some 16 of them and then a couple of postulants or novices too. I wished to stay longer. 

On the way home, the necessary stop at the bakery!

The building's door welcomes me back home.

Marta is ten years younger then me, and I am ten years younger than Pedro. Three siblings connected by our parents who, in heaven, watch over us and all of our siblings in between. This was our last photo as we left together for the airport. Little did we know our trips would be so convoluted. My domestic flight was delayed and I missed an international connection, and Marta was stuck at DeGaulle in Paris with a flight controllers strike. We texted to each other while stranded and tearful in airports in different continents. Bye Bye Brazil. 

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