Thursday, March 20, 2014

Catching up

I'm catching up in sleep and housework still... It will be the weekend before I transfer photos and recap the trip. Yesterday was a full day of errands and the weather was, well, what can I say? We live in South Dakota. 

I opened mail and received so many beautiful sympathy cards, and also flowers were delivered. Twice! So unexpected, and it did my heart so much good! Thank You!

I did make a dinner of a chicken dish and rice, and as the girls, Number Four and Husband approached it, it was almost pitiful. The poor things.They were so incredibly delighted to have a homemade dinner by Mom again. I had missed cooking! Interestingly, one of my father's oldest friends--from the days of the British grammar school they attended in Rio some 80 years ago--is now my friend on Facebook and commented on my post! He is a renowned doctor in Rio.

In the evening Husband and I attended a lecture by Sam Kean, a Sioux Falls native, a graduate of the Catholic High School Number Five graduated from, and a best seller writer of The Violinist's Thumb and other books. It was very interesting, and so nice to be out with my husband.

It's so nice to be home.

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