Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I have been accumulating photos and blogging-requests from the girls... deciding here to blog a few of them all together. (Some captions by Number Seven.)
Numbers Six and Seven made forests. This is Number Seven's.
... and this one is Number Six's.
Number Seven says you can tell how different they are by admiring the different qualities of their forests.
There's a cute little bird that comes to our bird feeder often, and sometimes he brings a companion! I posted a call for identification on Facebook and after almost 30 comments it was decided it is a House Finch. 

We have a garden now!
Yesterday we went to a local burger place called "Nick's Hamburgers".
It's quite good!
Easter gifts: canonization tees!
For Easter we got some "real coke" as a treat. photo taken by artistic Number Five!
...the "real coke" girls!

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