Thursday, May 22, 2014

Garden is in!

It was like a dream and it happened so fast! Numbers Four, Six and Seven and I went to a fabulous nursery 3 miles away, truly a little piece of paradise--and bought our plants!! Happy happy day! Then to the local farm store for green bean and zucchini seeds, tools and a hose, and directly to the garden! We did it all in one afternoon. We are so impressed by the wonderful facilities at Brookings Community Gardens: a lovely place, rich, tilled soil, huge trees, shade, covered shelter etc.

Mind you not all that you see is our garden! We planted several mounds of zucchini, two rows of green beans, about six tomatoes, same number of eggplant, and onions, basil and fennel! So happy to go to sleep knowing we have vegetables growing out there.

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