Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Happy 54th Birthday, Husband!

It's the month of May and the fun doesn't stop. Today it is Husband's birthday... and how right it is to stop and celebrate with him today.

I looked for pictures of him and stopped at this recent one of early spring--well, that's what early spring looks like around here anyway--and this photo tells much. He has always been the one to both set up the bird-feeders, and feed the birds. I tell him how nice it is, from the kitchen window, to have the company of pretty birds coming and going. So much of what he does is a gift to his family, or perhaps all he does.

Today I say Happy Birthday to him with grateful heart, and renewed love. Happy was the day I met him, happiest where the times of the beginning of our relationship, the knowledge that I had found my husband, that he loved me, and that life as an adventure together ahead looked so wonderful.

As it has been, by his side, and with God's help.
Would do it all over again!

Happy Birthday!

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Claudia Braga-Henebry said...

Awww love it!! Happy bday daddy!