Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Back to the garden

The other night after dinner errands, I spent a good hour-plus at our community garden plot north of campus. I had been unprepared to do any work--Shakespeare Camp had seen me take out garden-shoes and tools from the back of the car and I haven't put them back in there yet. So I got on the dirt barefoot, and used my hands plus a couple of sticks to do some much needed weeding.

Aaah... I pulled the weeds and fluffed up the soil around the plants and realized how much I had been missing it. Being out there, hands on dirt, enjoying the silence of gardening. The silence of the interaction between hands and my thoughts & imagination as my hands work.

There are so many life analogies to gardening--the obvious, general ones like getting rid of our life-weeds so as to strengthen our roots/soul--but then also the personalized ones that come up as small but complex issues need to be sorted in the vegetable bed. As the hands naturally sort through weeds and go through the leaves of distressed plants, so the mind goes through the issues of life we need to sort out: how to counsel the children, what we must ask God for, and which doors He is opening to us, asking us to do His will.

I worked for the best part of an hour before taking a water break. I loved every minute of it. I felt like I was somehow back to a place I had so missed. I could feel that it was doing my soul good. Thank You, Lord, for your presence in my life, and for meeting me in the the dirt of the vegetable garden.



two rows

...and a prairie summer storm.


Christine said...

The sign of a good gardener is green knees. :) The prairie summer storm photo is great.

Tereza Braga said...

I understood completely. I was feeling almost exactly the same when tending to my flower pots outside in the deck. !!!! I finally have some plants I enjoy and the landlords' dog is becoming my friend also!

Ana Braga-Henebry said...

Christine, my husband loved that photo too. Gotta garb those opportunities. Tete, glad to know you're enjoying being outside, and a nice dog is so much fun!!