Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sarah's wedding

Sarah went to high school with Numbers One and Two, and has been like a daughter to me--and like a big sister to the girls--for so many years! Her life has been a tale of strength and determination so far, plus beauty and faithfulness. For some reason she too admired me, probably because I was funny and loud when she used to come over, and we have a  famous story of what I sad once when she cleaned my microwave oven. "Husbands will be lining up",  I exclaimed--something like that anyway. She never forgot it, and when she first introduced me to Daniel, this story came up. I knew then he'd be her husband one day!

We traveled to the wedding in Wichita, KS. Below is the play-by-play Facebook travel-journal. I arrived early at the church to pray for the couple, and she had me go to bridal room to see her before the mass. What a privilege for me to be with her that day. She married Daniel Delassega and his family is from a very Catholic community in Pittsburgh, KS. His brother is the alleged recipient of a miracle by the intercession of the holy priest Fr. Kaupan whose cause of canonization is underway!


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