Thursday, June 19, 2014

Shakespeare Camp, continued

Yesterday it was very productive day! Costumes and props were put together as I had two mothers stay and help for several hours. The kids enjoyed a day that was a bit dryer as well and we had a constant cool breeze helping keep bugs away!

The making of the Pyramus and Thisbe "wall"

The young cast members must know all of their lines!

... or maybe they should be studying like some of the other actors? 

Well, we're done for now!

You try to take good photos... but photo bombers linger everywhere!

We know our lines! 

"Who's stronger?"

Girls can photo bomb too!

Time for serious work for a change!

"Did you mention serious work?"

"Look, Mrs. BH, I'm actually working on my lines!"

"Off with you!!"

"Hi, Mom!!!"

"Let me distance myself from this group..."

"What's that behind me??"

Photo bombs!!

Desperate photo-bombing!

And we have a wall!!

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