Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Re encounter with Nina and around Eichstatt

 My sister Marta, aka Nina, met us at the little hotel Adler for breakfast. It was absolutely wonderful to be with her again. As it turned out, heaven had arranged it all beforehand: unbeknownst to any of us, she ended up having a surprise day off from her German Intensive summer course, and was able to spend the day with us around town! She hadn't seen the girls for several years, it was a complete joy! 

Breakfast at Hotel Adler

Every building in town is centuries old! 

Saint Winnibald, brother of Saint Walburga

Happy aunt, happy nephew and nieces!

Smiles! A great photo.

Pointing to the St Walburga Abbey from our hotel room

Choosing post cards!

Everything is walking distance. Transferring from hotel to Abbey's guest house.

The Madonna Queen of Bavaria! In Eichstatt alone there are so many images of her!

Thomas next to St John Neponucene: his story involves being thrown from a bridge, so he is a very common presence in Bavarian bridges! 

Sisters! My heart was bursting with joy. 
Nina took us to visit the cathedral, seat of the regional diocese.

The place was breathtakingly beautiful!

Every turn we took we confronted something like this! 

The nave

A side altar of the Madonna Queen of Bavaria 

Then there were the unexpected details in stone. Gotta love old Catholic churches.

Stain-glass window beauty...

Bas-relief beauty...

The height!

Revealing the original wall

This place is pretty cool!

To walk in the shadows of saints

Every detail is richness

Leading to sacristy

Niece and aunt

... a great photo of Marta


A feast for the eyes


The young photographer

Sundials are painted on buildings around the village

"I don't think I'm going home"

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