Saturday, September 06, 2014

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Her blog is such a source of joy for Husband and me!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Now to tell you...
...why I haven't been blogging lately!
The reason is that
(a) I was preparing for the school year
(b) I was helping Isabel get packed for college
(c) I was camping for Labor Day weekend
(d) then I started school

So ha! I have excuses!

For Labor Day every year a bunch of families get together and rent cabins at the diocesan retreat center. Then we all have "Family Camp," in which we stay there from Friday to Monday! There is a pool, volleyball courts, a lake to canoe, fish, or paddleboat, there's always a campfire, a little hiking trail with the Stations of the Cross, a cute village church, and gorgeous views. We all wish we could live there. Anyway, more on that plus pictures in my next post.

I started school on Monday. I am doing:
Geometry (my teacher is really funny)
AP Latin (I was doing that all summer!)
French (we are reading novels this year)
Understanding the Scripture for religion
Conceptual Physics (which I haven't started yet because the book just arrived today)
British Literature (currently reading Beowulf)
Fiction Writing (doesn't start until the 18th)
The Rending of Christendom (history of the Protestant Reformation; doesn't start until the 24th)
Poetry (starts on Tuesday)
and, of course, Piano and Voice!

Among other things, I read a lot of Agatha Christie over the summer. My two favorites so far are Murder on the Links and Murder at the Vicarage. Next on the list is Sad Cypress. 

Oh, and church choir started up again as well. We had our first practice of the year on Wednesday.
As you can see, I'm a busy girl this year! But I still have time for the things that really count, namely, going to Adoration on Thursdays, reading, and writing. (What more could you want??)
I'm planning my next novel, and just added two new characters, plus I just added a plot twist to my current novel!
So yeah, that's Maria B-H: 2014-2015 edition.
Hope to expand on some things soon, we'll see how the week plays out.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Writing Update

I  wasn't planning on blogging just now, but I got onto the computer and opened the Word document of my story, and realized I should! The occasion? I have now written 41,110 words. That's more than halfway to my goal of 80,00 words! I can't believe I've finally passed the halfway point! The funny thing is, I'm about halfway through the story, too. I accidentally planned it very well.
Also, I've been preparing for the school year. I got a new writing binder, and made a cover for it on a whim:

Oh, and remember Sebastian and Antonio? I'm closer to writing about them now, too. As soon as I finish my current book. I'm afraid if I start about my boys too soon I'll never finish about princess Helena. 
A bientot!