Sunday, October 12, 2014

Thoughts at Mass

At mass, the older altar boy was a teenager with Down Syndrome.

I had never been at a mass with a altar boy with Down Syndrome before.

I chatted with the lay gentleman who trains and supervises them, and he smiled as he said that the boy "does a good job, and Fr. is patient with him".

The congregation was obviously pleased and proud at the same time. So was I. My heart swelled to see a silent, yet obvious and apparent, outpouring of love.

The gentleman who trained him, and who sat behind him and nudged him when needed.

Fr., who lovingly accepted and welcomed his service.

His mother, whose eyes were swimming in a smile when she passed near him returning from Holy Communion.

And last but not least, the teenager boy, who may have been the happiest and proudest kid I have seen at mass for a long time.

In this day and age, when thinkers promote the abortion of DS babies as a moral choice, and when the taking of one's life becomes a positive good to be attained, this scene at mass at our parish in South Dakota filled the heart.

They say whatever they want to say, and the media over-inflates whatever they chose to.

Real life, real love, however, happens in the quiet of a church, away from the cameras and headlines, and people recognize it.


deb said...

Your post about the mass and altar boy with down's was heart warming and inspires me with hope!

Anonymous said...

Very good and sweetly written.

Ana Braga-Henebry said...

Thank you, friends.