Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Well-Read Mom Book Club

Both of my Well-read Mom book club groups have been growing. At some point they may become too large in numbers, and I will then have to deal with that. For now, let them grow!

I found two articles that give us a more complete vision of author Wendell Berry, author of Hannah Coulter, this month's book. One is more than ten years old, the other one more recent.

FEBRUARY 22, 2011: Community: A Conversation with Wendell Berry

JANUARY 1, 2000: Wendell Berry’s Community

Both are written by Anne Husted Burleigh:
Mrs. Anne Husted Burleigh is a free-lance writer, mother, and grandmother who lives on a farm overlooking the Ohio River in Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, near Cincinnati. She has written two books: John Adams, a Biography, and Journey up the River: a Midwesterner’s Spiritual Pilgrimage. She has contributed to many publications, including Crisis and Catholic Dossier, and now writes for Magnificat.

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