Tuesday, November 11, 2014


My computer is back and working wonderfully!

For my first post I would like to announce that I just today finished the online class Laura Ingalls Wilder: Exploring Her Work and Writing Life, The Early Years from Missouri State University! Every one of the past 8 weeks I have looked forward to the lectures, online discussions and weekly quizzes! I am proud of the fact that I received the maximum grade in the class, having participated in every discussion and gotten every question correct, every week!

Here is my certificate! 

Truly it has been a fabulous course! Immersed in Laura's creative world and following her life and development as a writer was a wonderful journey. I have always wanted to write such a "autobiographical fictional" book, and believe or not the course took me back to conversations I used to have with my dear Mother about it--back when I was in middle and high school! Husband is a great proponent of my writing--I think it so funny that he, who writes so incredibly well and so concisely-- actually enjoys my sloppy and diverting style! :-) I took many many mental notes. Who knows?

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