Tuesday, November 18, 2014


So I have been walking, both on treadmill and in the church gym with my friend Kristin... which produces these "very interesting" maps on my iPhone app... that get posted on Facebook for the general public's amusement. We walk in circles in the gym as one can detect.

I have passed the 20 lbs mark on my Wight Watchers meetings but I think it is the walking that has made me feel the best. I feel more capable of fighting the winter for one thing! Even if this is a significantly snowier and colder November! We have had snow now for ... more than a week everyday! 

And now... drum-roll... I am thinking of signing up for the Brookings Turkey Day 5K! I have never done a 5K, and if I find a single family member or friend that will do do it with me, I will go!  


Unknown said...

Aww mom I'd do it with you for sure if I was home!!

Ana Braga-Henebry said...

I did find both friends and family members to walk with me! Turning in registration today!