Tuesday, December 09, 2014


Last night we drove to Saint Paul, MN to be with our own Number Five in a time of profound and sudden sorrow. Her boyfriend Erik suffered a massive brain aneurysm, and she called in tears. We were able to arrive at the hospital shortly after midnight and be with her in tears and in prayer. We saw Erik, a sweet Catholic boy who so enchanted her with his kindness and humor since she met him at the University of St Thomas. We met the family and the many good and faithful friends. The University offered us a nice guest suite next to the gorgeous chapel, and Number Five spent the night with us. In the morning, as the tears and sobs shook her body, and ours for her, we sandwiched her in our parental love and prayed, hugged and listened to music with her. Lord, have mercy in your Daughter and her friends who so early in life experience devastating pain. There was a prayer service at the chapel, so beautifully done, and the church filled with tearful students. During that time the priest announced that Erik was declared dead. To think that Number Five had made him his usual cup of coffee that same morning--he liked to visit her early morning as she staffed the Music Building Coffee shop. Kyrie Eleison!


LeeAnn Balbirona said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, Ana and family. Words can't convey how it feels to lose someone beloved so suddenly. God bless you all.

Eva said...

This must be so hard for her. Sending her a hug. And what supportive parents you are.