Thursday, January 08, 2015

At the Adoration Chapel

I belong to a group online of Catholic homeschool moms, a private group where we share tips, prayer intentions, and discuss relevant issues. Mothers young and old from all over country chime in daily, and it is very active. Earlier today, as I was about to leave for my Adoration hour, I offered to pray for any of the member's intentions. I was both surprised and pleased to see, a few minutes later, many intentions streaming in my iPhone, from "employment for my husband"and "I'm going into labor soon" to kids' illnesses, safety during travels, elderly relatives, conversion of hearts, and even the new Congress.  I waited for members to have time to post their intentions, as I greeted Our Lord in the Eucharist and prayed for each of our children. Then I offered the Rosary for the intentions that I was to bring to his feet... I later posted this to the group: 

It was a privilege to pray for all of you. My Adoration hour felt so focused and productive. It is a blizzard day here with schools closed, the chapel has big glass windows and the snow was flying outside. I started by greeting Him and praying for our seven children as usual, then prayed the Luminous mysteries asking the Eucharisitc Lord for all of your intentions! During the first mystery, the Baptism at the Jordan, I asked Him for his healing water to come to the aid of all of your ilnesses, your children, relatives, etc. The Wedding at Cana had me asking for all of the marriages: may He give every couple courage, strength, virtue! And also for the financial situation of each couple that asked for help in that area! Then during the third mystery--the Proclamation of the Kingdom--I prayed for all of the conversion requests! May the beauty of the Kingdom of God enter their hearts! The fourth mystery, the Transfiguration--the mystery of light par excellence--made me think of how His path of light is the path we must follow. That He will guide all of travels, in this life, and also shed light always in our path toward Him, that we see His will clearly! The last one, the institution of the Eucharist, had me bringing to Him, in the monstrance, all of our deep sorrows, some so recent... And all of the so-many and varied petitions you all wrote down here. Thank you for this privilege. Many times with younger kids at home people took my prayers to the Lord! Now I'm happy to do it for you! I will do it again next time!
It was, for me, a humbling and fulfilling hour. How many times others had prayed for me and my intentions, especially during all those years when my outings were so limited by all of my little children. That I am fortunate to have the time for prayer--what a privilege and a delight.

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