Thursday, January 22, 2015

My Holy Hour Rosary today

I again posted my willingness to bring their intentions to the feet of the Eucharistic Lord, and again the prayer intentions of my Catholic Homeschool Moms on Facebook flooded in. More than one hundred of them in a space of about two hours! I just now posted this there:

Again I thank you all for allowing me to do this!

In the beautiful silence of the chapel, I prayed the Joyful Mysteries.

The Annunciation brought to my heart all of you who asked prayers for the babies--the little ones, the ones being born today, the ones to be born soon. The moms who prayed that they will be able to have a baby. The difficult pregnancies, the moms mourning a miscarriage. Eucharistic Lord, hear our prayer. 
The Visitation brought to my heart dear Zachariah--his stubbornness, his punishment from God, and finally his exultation in the forgiveness and promise of God of his son. And the many prayers asked for the husbands came to mind. So many of them! That our husbands are spirituality strong, examples, leaders, that they are faithful. That they have good employment to support their families. That we strive every day to better help them, in joy, patience, and in love. That we love them as Christ wants us to love them. Eucharistic Lord, hear our prayer. 
The Nativity: how could I not think of all of those people marching today in Washington DC? For the legal rights of the unborn people of our nation? Yes, all of the intentions that came for their safety, and for their march to be eloquent, that it produce fruit and that this country soon will be free from this horrific practice. So many of us have friends and relatives there today! Eucharistic Lord, hear our prayer. 
The Presentation made me think of the Holy Family. So many were the intentions concerning families: family relationships, good communication, patience, family finances, potential moves, issues involving older parents, houses to buy and houses to sell, decisions, career guidance, discernment. For those families mourning. Eucharistic Lord, hear our prayer. 

Lastly, the Finding of Our Lord in the Temple made me think how we sometimes need to seek Him, to find Him, especially in the sacrament of confession. So all of the prayers for healing, for a simple touch from the Lord that brings healing of body or of mind. How that encounter with Him is always new, sweet, filled with Hope and Grace! And here I brought to Him also all those special, personal intentions in your' hearts... Eucharistic Lord, hear our prayer.

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