Friday, January 02, 2015

Recapping the Year 2014

Truly it seems that just yesterday I was writing my first check with "2014" on it.... The idea of recapping the year has been circulating in this busy household these days, so I am giving it a try.

2014 in Numbers

0 houses found. We are still in the townhouse. Yes, we are picky. There is a two story, brick-front colonial near church we are looking at, even if it is just 3 bedrooms, no south walls, and pretty much every room needs to be redone.

vehicle gone. The big blue van was donated and hauled away this past summer. How many hours we spent in it? In hot or cold, listening to audio books, sleeping, changing, singing, eating... We bought it when Number Six was a few months old!

2 dear ones got engaged in the summer! Looking forward to Gus & Emily's beautiful wedding in August!

3 different high-speed trains in Europe! We loved train-travel! We took regional trains and also major high speed lines: the German ICE, the French TGV, and also the Paris-Amsterdam Thalis.

4 number of international trips Number Two took this last year: France, Dubai, and twice to the USA! Number One is trying to catch up and will cross another ocean to reach a new continent.

5 of us went on the European Tour and visit to Casablanca: Numbers Four, Six, Seven, plus Husband and myself. Number One met us there.

6 is the number of the child who was confirmed in May. A happy, holy occasion!

7 is the number of the child who broke her arm, and still performed in her first Shakespeare Camp, going on to undergo surgery two days later.


8 times Geoff has crossed the Atlantic or Pacific this past year for his international trips!

Here we are in a selfie during a fall walking date!
of us Braga-Henebrys in this townhouse! When Emily was here, we reached the maximum number of people here yet! Number Two's and Grandma's Surprise visit made this Christmas the "Surprise Christmas"!


carolina_braga23 said...

Que lindos!

Tessie Braga-Henebry said...

Mother, you know as well as i that i fractured my wrist. I did't break my arm. Just reminding you! :)