Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A happy birthday!

Yesterday started quite painfully, and early in the day I found myself in the dentist's office--not the place you want to begin your birthday. I have been having some dental trouble, but left there armed with a powerful prescription! Dear husband picked up said prescription and got two dozens roses to go with it! Let's say the day started to improve quite a bit from there!

Two Dozen Gorgeous Roses!

Installed at home, I received a note from Number Two's blog... and was delighted with her loving birthday post. My eyes filled up... in gladness and gratitude.

Thank You, Number Two! I loved it. 

I felt better as the day progressed, usual errands and walking, and then a surprise in the mail! A book I had ordered from the St Walburga Abbey in Colorado arrived: it is a new biography of the saint by the Abbess emerita whom we befriended so many years ago.  And to have arrive on the feast day of Saint Scholastica!

I have already started it! She is so unknown here, and so well known in Europe! 

Then the door bell rang, and my friend and walking buddy Kristie came in with a card and colorful tulips! Now she really got a smile on my face! She also said I will be able to keep the bulbs and plant them when we have a house!

Aren't they so pretty? 

Kristie also brought some delicious homemade cookies after dinner, and I did eat two of them--each bite was so worth it! I did make an allowance on my diet for them! Thank you my friend! Mom called after that from Texas, and it is always such a treat to chat with her! :-) Then Number Seven gave me this cutest bowl she made in Art at school:

Thank You Number Seven! 

The boys all emailed or texted me with their happy-birthday wishes... and Number Five had a fun post on Facebook, and again my eyes filled with tears... and again they were happy, grateful tears!

And last but not least, as I closed my long, progressively-happier day, I read Number Six's blog, and the reading of it was a prayer of thanksgiving for all that I have. I have the world's most loving children, may God bless them and bring them all happiness and true joys in this short life.

Can her blog be any more wonderful?

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