Thursday, February 05, 2015

Prayer Meditation at Holy Hour

The Luminous Mysteries were my guide today at Holy Hour. 

Meditating on the Baptism of Our Lord at the Jordan River, I asked for all those many intentions for healing. So many difficult health problems, some so grave and life-threatening, others for people beginning a lifetime with cancer, some in critical condition. For the new babies being born soon! Send your miraculous healing, dearest Lord, of body and spirit, to your beloved children. Teach us to live with suffering when necessary, and to make suffering fruitful and spiritually building. Help us be compassionate to those who suffer, attentive and loving. 

I prayed for all the intentions concerning marriage during the Wedding at Cana. Help us all draw from the sacramental graces we received at the sacrament of matrimony, Lord of Love. That we remember the recipe for happiness in marriage: to put our spouse first. That we are able to enjoy respect, faithfulness, forgiveness and stability in our marriages, we beg you.

When I began saying the Ave-Marias (I pray in my native Portuguese when I pray alone) in the Proclamation of the Kingdom I prayed for us, mothers and our children: that we, growing and striving for virtue, everyday, become in our life and actions a living proclamation of the Kingdom. That our example, joy and love serve as an open witness to Christian life! Helps us and our families to live the virtuous and joyful life you so desire for us! 

The Transfiguration--the mystery of Light par excellence--always brings to my heart the fact that there, during that supernatural even, apostles were the closest to Our Lord's true glory. In the closeness of prayer and in the silence of the Eucharistic chapel, I brought to Him our many personal, special and unspoken intentions. Loving Father, you know them, hear our prayer. 

During the last mystery--the Institution of the Eucharist--my prayer was of profound thanksgiving. How can I not be thankful? That I am able to be with Him, that He comes to us in this form, that I am able to bring to him through prayer what is in the heart of so many like-minded women. Thank You, Father, for receiving our many prayers. 

Before I leave the chapel I greet Our Lady, represented in a small, lovely wooden carving, I light a candle and implore her to keep our intentions in her loving hands, and to bring them to her Divine Son.

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