Friday, March 27, 2015

At Adoration yesterday

What a sweet prayer time it was at the chapel yesterday, holding my Mother's rosary and praying again for my group's intentions. I posted this today:

It has been so busy here! Loved being in the quiet of the Adoration Chapel yesterday! I prayed the Sorrowful Mysteries since Holy Week is upon us... we will not have Adoration next week at the parish. 

 I asked God for all the intentions regarding anxiety during the Agony at the Garden: our fears, our worrying about children, husbands, jobs. About our relatives and finances--and so many other things. We place ourselves next to You, Lord. keeping company during Your awful agony, putting our own in perspective, and saying to the Father in Heaven, with You: Thy Will be Done. 
I asked the Blessed Mother to bring to Him all of our intentions regarding health, illnesses, physical suffering of ours, and our loved ones as I prayed the Scourging at the Pillar Ave-Marias (I always pray in my native Portuguese)... 

During the Crowning of Thorns I thought of Pilate presenting Our Lord to the crowd: "Ecce Homo"! And He being rejected. I asked God that we may have the courage to be rejected if needed, in His name, because of what we believe. 

During the Carrying of the Cross I brought up our crosses--who doesn't have them? All of our special intentions were brought up in prayer here. Some lives seem to be easier and yet everyone carries a cross sooner or later. Let us walk with Him as He carries his holy cross! That our own ways of the cross may come to glorify Him and bear fruit in our souls! 

And in the Crucifixion, we say together, "I Love You Lord, place me at the foot of the cross to thank You".

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