Monday, March 23, 2015

Holy Hour on the Solemnity of St Joseph

I failed to post this last Thursday... from my national Catholic home-school moms group on Facebook.

Here's a necklace my husband brought me from Africa, he arrived well but his jet lag so disturbed both our sleep... that our son took my Holy Hour for me last week. I would have slept the entire time! ;-) Today I am happy to be able to go, and take your many intentions with me. It is the feast of the great St Joseph, so let's bring him our petitions regarding family life, yeah! — feeling thankful.

(Later at night:)

Ladies, I prayed the Luminous Mysteries and enjoyed the warm sun pouring into the Adoration chapel! :-) At every mystery I begged St Joseph to hear our prayers and take them to Our Lord.

I prayed for the sacramental life of our families during the fist mystery as Jesus is baptized, and especially for our marriages during the Wedding at Cana!

During the Proclamation of the Kingdom I asked St Joseph for our families: may our life be a witness to God's kingdom, proclaiming it in everything we do! 

I put our many troubles and sufferings under the care of loving St Joseph and the Blessed Mother during the Transfiguration: I always think when we have troubles is when we are closest to the Lord in his glory as the apostles experienced. 

The Institution of the Eucharist mystery had me thanking Him for His loving presence in our life, and I asked for all of the special intentions mentioned, plus the ones that would still come, and the ones deep, deep in our hearts...

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