Tuesday, April 14, 2015


I re-discovered bike riding! My last bike was purchased in a large discount store in NJ, and the kids and I rode to the neighborhood park often! Then in Lincoln, NE we rode the bike trails a lot and I would pull Numbers Six and Seven in our Burley... they have good memories of that! (Whenever we move and my life gets more stable I plan to scan and post all of my old family photo albums.) Number Three especially was a lover of bike-riding! During the Acreage-years bike riding was impractical, what with the gravel country roads. Our old bikes slowly died except for Husband's which is a nice one. Number Four rides it often now. Last year we purchased one for Number Seven who also loves bike riding and that's the one I have been riding this week! Now for Mother's Day I am thinking a new "mom" bike would be a great investment! 

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