Thursday, April 02, 2015

Holy Thursday

We spent quite a bit of time at church, what with choir rehearsal before mass, then the Mass of the Last Super and the procession with the Pange Lingua and subsequent Holy Hour.  Again I brought with me the intentions of my online group and posted this there:

"I stayed at the adoration chapel until Fr. finished the day with night prayer-- had been at church for three hours at that point and was ready to go to bed! I prayed a long, long rosary for all of your intentions, it was so wonderful: 

The waters of baptism came to mind during the first Luminous Mystery, and I asked the Eucharistic Lord that we are all reminded of the power and grace of the sacrament of Baptism as we pray for our dear ones. That we rely in God's sanctifying grace, in our soul, and in the souls of the ones we so intently pray for. 

The Sacrament of Marriage and the graces that stem from it came to mind as I prayed the Aves of the Wedding at Cana mystery. I begged Our Lady for our marriages: that the graces from that sacrament give us strength and remind us that marriage is the choice we make to love, everyday. 

Our families, and their witness in this crazy topsy-turvy world, is what I prayed for during the Proclamation of the Kingdom. That our families are courageous and faithful, proclaiming Our Lord Christ Jesus in all we do: how we love and treat one another at home, and in public, how we open our homes to the little ones of God, how we honor God and his holy saints in our daily life. I added all of your intentions for children, husbands, relatives, conversion of hearts. 

The Transfiguration always reminds me of how He is closest to our hearts when we are sorrowful, or when there is anxiety and tearful pleas. That we never forget to go to Him when we least feel we are worthy, and when there is heavy sorrow and contrition. 

Finally I spent quite a bit of time on the last mystery, the Institution of the Eucharist, since it was the very feast of that mystery... and there He was, in front of me. The rosary beads of that mystery ran through my fingers again and again as I prayed, on the glorious feast of the Eucharist, for so many loved ones, and for all of the special, unspoken intentions. May the Eucharistic Lord hear our prayers! Blessed Mother, bring to Him our pleas."

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