Friday, June 19, 2015

Moved and no internet

Everything went well and we are loving envything about the new house! Few times in life we have been so grateful! 

Alas, it is a lot of work, in three levels plus outside... Mowing, planting, decorating, organizing closets, moving furniture, sorting through every item in every box and dropping things off at different donation centers.

And all this while caring for Number Three who is recovering from knee ACL surgery, requiring different types of attention. 

On top of it all the lack of Internet takes us and our iPads to different coffee shops in town but these sessions are never enough to truly get caught up! 

Last night Number Four and I finally planted the few vegetables I had purchased the week before we moved. We are all so delighted to have a yard again! 

I will try and post some of the daily facebook posts I have been sharing from our new house. 

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