Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Feast of Saint Anne

Our dear friend Fr. Austin FSSP emailed m today saying he said the feastday mass of the great Saint Anne for me and my intentions. How timely and wonderful his gift! So much is happening in our family with the wedding of Number Three having been called off, our recent move, a houseguest from Spain, Number Two at home (her husband arrives today!) and the fact that I have not been well on top of it all. We are now helping guide Number Three's next steps in life: employment and living location etc.  We decided to host a family gathering next weekend so we should have many pictures soon of the Henebry siblings and cousins and of course grandma! So Fr.' s wonderful gift of a mass--the perfect prayer--is something I am so grateful for!

Saint Anne,
on this your feast-day,
watch over not only for myself,
who has the honor of being called after your name,
but also our whole family!

Orchids for Saint Anne during her Novena and Feast

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