Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Jannell's "compliments"

Every year at Family Camp, Jannell brings a craft for the kids to work on at her cabin. Or two. The kids come in and out of their cabin, happy to work on their own project. Over the years they have done a myriad of different things, from Popsicle-stick dolls to fun headbands. This year she brought little notebooks and pencils that they could decorate/personalize, and also the "compliments": strings of yarn made out of old cut-up t-shirts that the kids could tie on someone as they paid them a kind compliment.

What a simple and lovely idea! All through the long weekend one saw kids finding others and telling them a nice, kind compliment and tying them around their wrist. I couldn't take mine off even for Sunday mass. I received many art-related and food-related ones, but also some "greatest mom ever" and "best godmother". It was touching to see the smaller, shy kids having the courage to come to you and to find the words to accompany their action. Just a wonderful way to spread love, kindness, and to promote interaction in a group of growing families!

But that is just like my friend Jannell. She does the beautiful, loving and quiet things. Thinking, planning, and bringing all of those projects ideas and items for the kids, every year at Family Camp. While I shout out any achievement to the four winds, she keeps on quietly, consistently, spreading kindness and promoting love. She is so much of I would like to "grow up" to be. She is not the center of attention, but she is a center and anchor for any wanting words of understanding and friendship. Truly Jannel is one of the most loving people I have ever met, and I am the richest for counting her as a loving and dear friend.


Jannell said...

Thank you. Truly. Thank you. This means so much. I love all of you.

Beth Sanborn said...

I echo your comments, Ana! Even though I am far away, I consider Jannell a dear friend, full of love and wisdom!