Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Package from the Museum of Saint Anne!

Yesterday the most wonderful package arrived. These are the times when we wonder if we deserve such beautiful gifts. My mom used to give me a gift every year at the feast of Saint Anne, and as the seventh of her many children, it did make me feel so special. And now my dear niece, out of the blue, visits a museum dedicated to this great saint and sends me the sweetest package full of such beautiful things! I lived with my sister and her little daughters during my last year of college, and have always been attached to my niece Carolina who is the oldest, and was old enough then to enjoy running errands etc with me. We share our love for our Catholic faith and today I am so thankful for her gesture of love!
Even the museum gift bag is a work of art! 

Baroque Saint Anne magnet!

Little notebook

The Museum book, dedicated by my niece

Each page of the book is gorgeous!

Lady Saint Anne, give me the grace to walk
in holiness and justice all the days of my life!"

The magnet got a special spot on the fridge! 

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carolina_braga23 said...

How wonderful tia! Thanks for everything! You are always so kind to me and us here back in Brazil. I am sooooo happy that you are happy with the gifts!!! I thought so much of you during the visit to this amazing museum in honor of Saint Anne!!! Te amo tia querida!! ❤️