Tuesday, October 27, 2015

English class

Every Tuesday my friend Maristela and I are teaching English in a class at the parish for the local Spanish-speaking population. Most of them work in dairy farms and are willing to come to the parish once a week for these classes. Number Two has been helped helping us with ideas and resources from afar. Maristela's Spanish is perfect so she can communicate with them, well my Spanish is very poor but I have longer experience with English. So I tell Father Rod that it is the class taught by the blind and the lame, especially considering neither one of us has an ESL degree. But we have lived through what our students are undergoing... We make a good team and we care about them, and of course we are learning a lot in the process.

Today was my day to prepare the materials, and I brought some coloring for the kids. We read aloud, discussed, and I had them tell their Dia de Los Muertos traditions in English.

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