Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Number Seven goes to Formal

It all started in German class, when L. T. asked Number Seven, in German, as a surprise line of a skit they were in, to go with him to Formal. (Talking to the teacher afterwards, I learned that she, the teacher, was quite nervous for him as she wasn't sure the response would be positive!) Well, it just so happens that his best friend from Scouts is B. B., who met Number Seven's group of homeschooled friends back during Shakespeare Camp... So her wonderful friend Hope (they have been friends since they were this little) and Number Seven were asked to the Formal by two High School Freshmen who were both, like them, homeschooled up to this year. The girls were so pretty in their formal attire and the young gentlemen were very polite! Everyone gathered here at home beforehand for photos.

Homemade pizza. I was told the dinner had to be simple. 

Grown up, proper dresses!

Love the Dr. Who Bowtie!

Old friends!

The Fabulous Foursome go to Formal!

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