Thursday, February 25, 2016

Health Update

I have gone through a physical exam recently on campus--and was pleased that everything looks great. I still should lose some more weight--what's new--but all in all all the numbers were very good. I have maintained my weight loss since the summer time and I am very pleased with it. The new habits I have gained especially through a Catholic Moms online group have been completely incorporated into my life.

Some of the online challenge ways we earn points include:

- 72 OZ water drinking

- eating five serving of vegetables a day--may include two servings of fruits

- 45 min exercise 5 times a week

- stop eating after 9 PM

I was already a water drinker, but the amount of vegetables and fruits we must eat was very good for me. And I don't think I can ever eat after 9 PM any more! Very rarely I have broken that rule.

I have a new walking buddy, a good friend from church--we meet most days at the church gym from 9 to 10 AM and say a Rosary while we walk. It has been wonderful as we "kill two birds with one stone". :-)

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