Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Blog Anniversary Project: Geoff's Family Part I

This is the first post of my "Blog Anniversary Project". The idea is to digitize here, under this new label, all of the photo albums we have, making all of the photos and memories available to the family wherever they are. 

I start with the earliest photos and memories we have of Husband, given to me by my good Mother-in-Law. I thought about starting the other way around--with the most recent photos of before I started this blog--but then I remembered that my dear Mother, may God rest her soul, took on a similar project once and started from my father's family's earliest records

It is a large sized album with brown paper pages.
Husband is born!
Bathing instructions

And... the "formula" for his feeding! (I find this fascinating!)

A dried blue flower

Another newspaper announcement 

Grandpa Mike Henebry's trip to Antarctica makes the newspaper as well!

This is the trip that inspired Number One's trip last year.

I don't add all of the cards-- there many repeats--but oh they're so cute!

Aunt Kathleen

WIth Dad!

First airplane trip!

Learning to spell his own name! 

Great monster!

Childhood illnesses

And adorable get-well cards!

This may be my favorite!

Trip to CA: child's menu in the airplane 

So beautiful! 

I just LOVE this Mother & Child photo! It reminds me of beautiful Madonnas by Renaissance painters.  

Another Lovely portrait

Wooden blocks!

First Christmas card!

I loved the washing machine ad in the newspaper included

What an excellent baby portrait! 

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