Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Relics at our parish!

This exhibit came to our parish and over 400 people came! The doors were open visitors well after 11 PM. It truly felt like we were in a hall full of old, holy friends! It was an intensely prayer evening!

My patron saint!

My sister Marta's patron saint

My sister Margo's patron saint

One of Number Seven's favorite saints

Another one of her favorite and like to be her confirmation saint!

Number Three's confirmation saint

Who doesn't love her story?
Number One visit his lace of martyrdom in London


My dearest Grandmother's patron saint

Number Three's patron saint


One my older sisters's 

A saint from Poland

Number Seven's patron saint for whom she is named after!

Pray for us!

This one made me think of my Mom reading aloud The Spear to my aunt


St Helen found the true cross!

Kyrie Eleison
Another Wow

My niece Ines' patron saint

One of my sister Margo's favorite saints
What a pretty relic

Number One's confirmation saint

Number's patron!

I asked him for friend Fr. Austin
Patron of priests!
My mom's patron, and the two rosaries that touched almost every relic

Holy Apostles

One of my brothers is named after John the Evangelist

Number Two's confirmation saint

My sister Maria Madalena's patron

Patron of music

Number Five loves her!

Patron saint of our homeschool group
A few extras below:

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