Monday, May 09, 2016

The most wonderful Mother's Day!

 Yesterday it was the most wonderful Mother's Day--as Mother's Days usually are! :-)

The Irises Geoff purchased last year from our local botanical garden bloomed--and wow the aroma!

Before mass he brought Grandma and I both corsages, and we posed after mass with the girls and the flowers they purchased from the Youth Group sale-- Number Seven was helping them.

When we came home the doorbell rang and Number Five had ordered the most wonderful Hydrangeas--and they can be planted outside! I LOVED them!

We had reservations at a restaurant and there was time for an animated Ticket to Ride game! There were letters and posts from the girls... keeping me smiling, or tearing up, all day!

And the beautiful photo of Mother and Son that Husband presented to his mother--we had it restored and printed and framed. She loved it!!

And then there was the gorgeous flower arrangement Number One and cousin JM gave to Grandma and me... WOW! The photo will tell it all.

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