Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Before and After

Number Six and I have been doing some garage sales looking for things fo the "Numbers Two and Three's Store" in the garage--as they are both moving back to Brookings. Number Two's husband "Oat" will come in September to spend some time and will return later in the fall when his Green Card is issued. Recently we came across two old wood dressers at a sale of a family moving to Asia, just beautiful, for $20 each. With the help of Husband and Number Four, they were sanded and stained--back to their original glory of some 75+ years of existence. So pretty in her room closet, although we think it will come out to the bedroom itself next time we organize the room. Number Six learned about how wonderful real wood furniture is: stronger and lighter than the pressboard stuff her old dresser was made of..


... and after with new white porcelain nobs!

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