Friday, August 19, 2016

A very-tearful poem

Number Six is saying goodbye to her two wonderful friends, the Kane twins. I know her heart is heavy and sorrowful, although she is strong and graceful through it all. But one can glimpse her feelings by reading the poem she wrote on her blog. In this house, all of us who have read have shed tears, because we have seen the depth of their friendship over the years.

I don't think I've ever known
A love this pure, this plainly shown.
If all my hopes and dreams would end,
This I would know: you are my friend.

When I get tired of day-to-day
And dreads and fears obstruct my way,
Through all that life's worst storms may send,
At least I know you are my friend.

Your every laugh and hug and joke and tears
Remain with me across the years.
And if our lives cruel fate may rend,
Still I will know you are my friend.

If you grow weak and need relief,
Some shelter from your pain and grief,
I'd go for you to any end.
I hope you know I am your friend.

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