Thursday, September 22, 2016

The most amazing flower!

I got a call late night and Number Four and I got dressed and drove to our friends' John and Mary's house-- they have this green flowering plant that blooms once a year--at night-- and the flowers are dead by the morning. She received a cutting of these from a nun in Oklahoma a while back.  They had a record number of four bloom at once around the Blessed Mother statue in their sunroom. As soon as we entered the room the aroma was amazing, different from anything I have ever smelled. The photos don't do it justice, and there's no way to add the smell here. My words can't describe it either. What is left is the memory of an amazing experience, the prayers of thanksgiving we said, the grateful heart, and the sung Salve Regina with which we closed the visit.

About these flowers here. The name of this flower vary. We found: Night Blooming Cereus, Christ's Cradle, Christ in the Manger, Princess of the Night and Queen of Honolulu. And more. But there's a lot more about it online, like this article.

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