Monday, October 17, 2016

A Walk into the Village of Eichstatt

 During a part of the day when Sister Martina had work to do in the cloister, Number Six and I went to a one hour walking tour of the village of Eichstatt.

This pen-and-ink was on the guesthouse wall... We were about to walk down to the very plaza where the
village founder St Willibald is depicted in a gorgeous statue!

City Hall

How can every building be so pretty?

Saints saints everywhere!


a part of the old cathedral is a musuem 


The "Bavaria Patronnae", the great Saint Anne! She is in every village!

Even the construction is covered in saints images--saints of the village!

Mass was going on in the cathedral, the gorgeous choir voices sang the Credo in latin

My beautiful travel companion
Saint John Nepomucene bridge! Many bridges in the world are named after this saint who was thrown to his drowning death into the river for not breaking the seal of confession. He is patron of the seal of Confession and patron against floods.

Two attempts at selfies

The main plaza with Saint Willibald!

The hotel where we stayed one night last time.

Many houses and walls in town will have a saint niche such as this one.

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