Thursday, October 06, 2016

Number Six and I are off to... Germany!!

Husband and Number One got on the phone and we found out we are going to Germany for my little sister's First Profession! She will receive her black veil and her new religious name... She is beyond excited that we are coming!

My Facebook post has generated so many kind comments

The 1200 year old abbey

At her last Book Signing 

When she entered the novitiate

Can't believe we will again be inside the gorgeous Abbey Church. I am taking friends' and family's prayer intention to the shrine, just email me!

The girls with Aunt Marta before she received her novice habit

Her new Mother is so wonderful! Jumping right out of Sound of Music, she has humor, intelligence...
can't wait to visit with her again!
Our last photo together

Love you, Aunt Nina


Eva said...

Gute Reise!

Jannell said...

So glad for you and her! What a wonderful gift to be able to celebrate together!