Sunday, October 23, 2016

One week ago: Sunday at the Abbey with Sister Martina OSB

We helped Sister Martina and her fellow sister to finish her daily work, and the Abbess stopped to chat!  
Then we walked to go see the Abbey Church!


"Peace be with you" above on of the doors

Saint WIllibald is everywhere

Looking back, the sister's chapel is behind those windows

Breathtaking, truly



There were flowers for a diaconate ordination earlier

every side altar was a sight to see

Saint Walburga

There were hundreds, thousands of paintings made and given by people whose prayers were answered by the saint

Above the paintings, the crutches no longer needed

a sail from a sailboat above these paintings

so many!

each with a story

So many!

so many healings and graces

After the abbey church tour and the Vespers chanted on Latin, Sister martina came with us to our guest dining room

Number Six took good photos of the two of us

The meals were amazing

This one had German sausages. The bread and butter and fresh garden salads and soups were heavenly

Back to the church paintings: This was painted by one of the sisters. I loved meeting her! Before she was a sister, she was an avid cyclist and an artist, and credits St Walburga for saving her life when she was run over by a acar! 

So many "Dankes"

Love this one of the saint keeping the child from being hurt by the wardrobe!


Eva said...

I have been enjoying these German pictures very much! Also it is so nice to see your sister being so happy. How is her German?

Ana Braga-Henebry said...

Her German is perfect while my remains nonexistent... Are you on the Catholic Moms national group on facebook? I posted pictures there and told them how the nuns have an au pair program where girls can spend weeks there in summer helping! Here's a video fo my sister speaking German!

Eva said...

No, I do not have a Facebook account. I think many German convents and monasteries have programs like that. I did enjoy the video. She seems to be a thoughtful and happy person.