Saturday, October 15, 2016

Profession of Vows and Tour of Abbey Gardens

The Mass and Ceremony program had a watercolor I made of the abbey long ago! I did not take photos during the mass, but it will be on the Abbey's website!  

Festive breakfast table

Friends from another convent came and sang for her. The one standing up is Brazilian! 
Wit Mother Abbess and Fr. Rainer

Sister Martina presented me with this beautiful garden rose, since our earthly mother is no longer with us.

Mother Abbess invited us to walk the cloister gardens 

The Nuns' cemetery, in the words of the nun who guided us, is to be a place of beauty and also festive.

There are many things that were done by a Sister Dorothea who lived in the 40s and 50s and was a wonderful artist

More views of cemetery

They hang laundry here

Sister Martina's room is the dormer with tied curtains

A garden shed St Joseph

Looking up one of the ancient garden sheds

A smiling Madonna in a garden shed


This linden tree was planted in 1914 after the secularization of religious houses ended in Germany

Parts of the medieval fortress city walls are inside the Abbey grounds

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I found this crucifix inside the tower--they housed many families during WWII and as an activity they taught them to make these--the artist sister Dorothea designed them. Mother let me bring it home!
Bow and arrow anyone?

The village below us


We also visited their Kindergarten



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Uau ! Meu Deus o que eu mais gostei foi a Nossa Senhora rindo com Jesus. Nossa !! Vou fazer um quadrinho pra mim.