Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Michigan bound, stop in... Chicago!

Approaching the loop, the Sears Tower where Number One works

His apartment building

the view!
A wonderful apartment! 

at the pizza place

Next morning early, I went to daily mass with Number One at the church he meets Ciara every morning before work.
It was a beautiful city parish, Assumption. 

Inside there was a relic and shrine to St Peregrine, patron saint of cancer patients. I prayed for dearest Camila in Brazil.

Beautiful windows!

after breakfast, river cruise! 

It rained a bit but there was a nice downstairs 

Navy Pier

This building has a "you are here" map of the loop

Number Four loving it

It was very interesting

his apartment building is riverfront and part of the tour 

portuguese lunch!

After lunch we stopped at Paulines' Gift shop

We all found something "holy", and I spoke Portuguese with two sisters! 
bus ride

Husband and I spent the afternoon at the museum while they went to the Aquarium

1400s globe!
St John the Baptist

Ancient money


ancient Greese

Husband loves Turner watercolors

"Song of the Lark"

St John Nepomucene

St Francis

Miniature rooms

Beautiful madonnas!


The religious art rooms were full and what an amazing collection

Had to take this one

bye bye museum
The kiddos loved the Aquarium, as they had visited the museum before.
The photo below taken by Number Seven is outstanding!

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