Saturday, August 04, 2018

Our Farewell Party

Lovely cake that taught me Michigan geography! Thanks Patricia Crinion! 

Family of  church ESL student

Melanie, her Luke and our Number Seven are such good friends since going to formal together Freshman year
Rose and the twins--to whom will we go for sewing solutions?? What good times Rose and I had--without her Number Five's wedding dress would have never been ready!

The Roys, he works with Husband
Mitzels, from chruch

Diels, Brazilian/University friends

Dorns--what a fun couple from CCD teaching

Father Andrew, Newman Center (STM priests were out of town)

Adoration and Birthright buddy Jan

Will miss Brent's beautiful bass voice behind me in choir

Kathryn Schmitt, homeschool and church

Suping, loving substitute teacher who taught me so much

Jennifer was a friend even before we moved to Brookings--academic dinners and oh so much fun

Mary Ruane, Patricia Crinion and Jennifer Moriarty--all from church, and good cups of coffee, and great conversation! 
The Wingates--he is Number Three's prof and she was the one who facilitated my job as a ESL instructor--will miss this lovely couple!
Carol Covrig was secretary at church back when I visited during house hunting still.
One of the first to welcome us to Brookings.

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