Sunday, March 31, 2019

Movie “Unplanned “

Husband, Number Seven and I went to watch this yesterday afternoon. It was difficult to watch and I had to close my eyes several times, and try not to shed too many tears. It is the true story of a former abortion clinic director, told in a straightforward, sincere and honest way. I liked many things about the film. I’ve seen conversations in different social media groups with questions about taking teens to see it, and my opinion is that parents may naturally know if watching the film would be recommenced for their child. I believe the film can bring much good and I hope that people who can learn from the story will have an open mind to go see it, or read the book that tells the story. The film could have used higher production level and better acting, but I expected it, and neither detracted from its very good, if painful, purpose.

Number Seven said now that she is 18, google sends her adult ads including PParenthood, and that she wanted to see it. We didn’t hesitate. It’s heartbreaking though. What has our society come to!

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