Sunday, June 23, 2019

Trip to California: day trip to the Norbertine Monastery!

Yesterday we drove over two hours to the Norbertine Monastery near Tehachapi, CA. Number SIx was "aspirant" for one day as she spent the day inside the cloister. Oskar and Nicole Chomicki came with their cute kids to see us and visit the monastery as well. We were able to join them for mass and Midday prayer, were hosted in the guest house where they served us delicious food. They also showed us around some of the property including their dog breeding program. We could not tour the cloistered buildings or gardens but Number Six told us about them later.

We left campus at dawn

CA mountain roads

Climbing always... 


The chapel for lay people ad visitors is small, there is a window through which we can see some fo the mass and sisters, and receive communion.
The sisters took this photo--it was at the guest house parlor after mass. The sisters answered many of our questions and Number Six tried on the simple veil for the first time.

Sister Juana Baptista is the Novice Mistress

Picture with the Chomicki family 
So joyful!!

Matt was ready to take a couple home!

This sister remembers Number One from TAC summer program

Sister Mary Norbert is from MN and turned out she was a top lawyer at the same firm Matt is working for!

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Susan P. said...

Did she have that smile on her face the whole time? How exciting!